Posted by: Moxie | July 8, 2010

Not dead yet

Oh blog, oh writing, oh getting my thoughts out of my cluttered head–how I’ve missed you!

I’m not sure where my written words have gone.  They are still rumbling around in my cranium, but any time I try to piece together a noun and verb and maybe an adjective and an adverb, they all scramble, and I’m left with a sentence something like, “Motorized decides wombat blue.”  Hard for a blog post to capture someone like that.

But I miss writing.  I miss the inspiration, the creativity, the clarity.

So I need to get back into the groove.  I need some baby steps to get going again.  And you know what blog baby steps are?  Lists!  So, here is yet another installment of “what foods can I carry home from the grocery store without a car?”  You may remember some long ago descriptions here and here.

Yesterday, in the midst of the HEAT WAVE that is slowly suffocating all life here in Nameless East Cost City, I decided to walk to get a few groceries and pick up our CSA.  Yep, walk.  The whole driving to pick up your locally grown, organic vegetables seems a bit contradictory to me, so a-walking  I went.  Just me and my medium sized Timbuk2 bag.  And here is what we got.

-1 6 oz bottle of olive oil because I couldn’t remember if I had used up all the olive oil at home or not

-1 pkg of whole wheat fettucini

-1 pkg romano cheese

-1 bottle water (I hate the idea of bottled water in general as it consumes so many resources [I read somewhere that it takes 3 liters of water to produce 1 liter of bottled water] but it was something like 103 degrees with a heat index of 47,000 degrees so I really needed more hydration)

After paying for that, I remember that I needed chickpeas so back to the shelves, back to the cashier . . .

-2 cans chickpeas

From there I walked 10 blocks to the CSA pickup site.  The bag was heavy and moderately full but manageable.

All that was about to change.

The CSA is packed in reusable boxes and the produce is transferred from the box to your own bag.  You know, reduce, reuse, recycle?  We get a list every week of what’s coming and I have to admit, the only things I remembered were three cucumbers and four zucchinis.  Totally room in the bag for that.  Here’s what I actually picked up:

-6 (!) zucchinis

-1 slicing cucumber

-2 lemon cucumbers (have you ever seen these?  They are little round, yellow balls.  They are like the trolls of the cucumber world.  Delicious trolls, however.)

-3 large tomatoes

-1 head of cabbage (ack!  Cabbage not slipping nicely into remaining 3 cubic inches of space left!)

-3 cippolini onions

-3 beets (am I the only one who thinks of beets are a root, fall vegetable?  We’ve been getting tons in our CSA ever since June.  They are awfully good on salad however.)

-1 large bunch kale (I have eaten so much more kale since joining the CSA.  It’s good for the colon, right?)

Okay, by the time the beets were in, I had already removed the library book that needed to be returned as well as the half-bottle of water that was remaining and the bag was PACKED.   By squishing the already fragile tomatoes down, I was able to just snap one side of the straps.  So I picked up the bag, put in on my back and instantly lost about an inch of height, which is a lot for me to loose.  Library book in one hand, bouquet of kale in the other and a finger wrapped around the water bottle.  Off to the library.

I love the library.  I could just sit there for hours and absorb the pages around me.  So of course, I can’t leave with just one book.

Or two.

Or three.

-Four new books (3 hardcover, 1 large paperback) should hold me for a while.  Readjust the straps, tighten the waist belt.  Two books in one hand, two books plus bunch of kale in the other.  Off I go.

For 10 more blocks.

In the heat.

But I, and the vegetables, and the books and the other various and sundry items, all made, safe and sound.

The end



  1. my suspicions that you’re actually super-human have just been validated! of course, my 6-month-preggo self sweats at the thought of waiting for the car AC to kick on in this heat so that i can drive to the library (a mere 20 min. walk away). i guess i’ll just stick to finishing my campy southern vampire novel instead. 🙂

  2. One of the ward clerks at the hospital creates lists at night when she cant sleep. BLogging/sleeping, I guess lists are the way to go.

  3. triple well done!!! for blogging, walking in the heat AND for carrying two bags’ worth of stuff to boot!

  4. chica, you rock. seriously. hey, did you leave that tylenol at home? my headache is back…

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